We start by listening.

Every engagement starts with a clean page, a ready pen, an open heart, and a curious mind. We want to know what you care about and understand what you see from your perspective. We’ll listen, ask questions, and empathize. Together, we’ll define and explore what you need and why this work matters – to you, and to the world.

We design an approach to work together.

Every project is unique. That’s why we custom-design what we’ll do, schedule the pace and rhythm, and scale the work to meet your needs and budget.

We create and lead.

We draw on a host of theories, core practices, and engagement methods that help you to learn plentifully, share generously, and lead playfully along the way.

We learn with you.

We’re committed to regularly check in on progress and capture the learning as we go. We iterate and pivot as the work progresses while staying focused on your purpose.

During our first consultation, Jennifer drafted great key questions around the intentions and goals of the event, asked how she could best contribute to these goals, and created clarity around ensuring the visuals hold meaning for those in attendance.  She contributed greatly to our planning meetings leading up to the event and was extremely organized and clear in her communications.  The storyboard itself was beautifully graphed and was applauded loudly, indicating that it validated participants’ contributions to the forum discussions.   Jennifer was a pleasure to work with!

Meghann Darroch, Regional Implementation Coordinator, Provincial System Support Program, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health