Clarifying Personal Calling and Vision



The founder of Dandelion Dance Company was feeling pulled in different directions and needed clarity and perspective to quickly make important decisions she had struggled with for months.


We created storyboards together of her calling and vision. In the process, her concept of “Who am I?” and “What is my work to do?” began to make sense to her.

She could then instinctively let go of things that didn’t fit with her idea of a beautiful life. Her family members also benefited; they now had a shared point of reference that helped them to identify what mattered to them all and finally work through their decisions together.

I hired Jennifer to get support to clarify some work goals. I had many pulls from people to grow my organization in different ways and I was finding it stressful to decide which contracts to take as so many requests were coming in.

I truly cannot tell you how much our work together changed my life. Not only did it help me clarify my vision for my work and hone in on why I founded our organization, it help me create a visual that grounded me during our discussion. I was able to literally SEE what I was thinking and how some of the work I was taking on had nothing to do with supporting the development of our organization and the vision I had for it.

I have hung up our 'map' on the wall in my office to keep me connected to our vision and goals. One year later, I am amazed by how it has helped me make choices to grow our organization in an energized and sustainable way!

In terms of the personal vision - if I tell you how much it helped, I am not sure you would believe it! I was mentally in a state of chaos with many ideas in my head and very overloaded with work and life plan decisions. Jennifer sat with me while I talked very quickly, was overwhelmed, cried, and tried to make sense of all the creative energy I had towards my work, while trying to create the peaceful home life I imagined. I truly cannot thank Jennifer enough for helping me see - have clarity - and live the life I had imagined!

Hannah Beach, Founder, Dandelion Dance

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